Funny Domain Names

Do not blame me for profanity, most of these domain names are real.

I neither made up these domain names nor noticed the bad meaning.

It all comes from my readers who noticed things on the internet.

(The O’Neill Building)

(IP is a computer term)

(think about how it sounds I-pee-anywhere)

what would you think that site is about?

What is your first thought?

Think if you really want to use the word THERAPIST

Never use the word EXCHANGE after any word in plural!

Most or all of the domain names below are real!

Have you seen more of the domains with double meaning?

Please submit more from the Contact Me page

This is a preview of a portion of Vlad's article related to this page:

Splitting the words in your Domain Name.

It is very important to make sure that people can easily split your domain name into separate words from the first glance at it. Ask a few strangers (who do not know about your business) to read your domain name when it is written all in lower case, all words together with no spaces or other separators between them (unless your domain name has dashes in it). If you notice that people hesitate for a moment before they figure out where the boundaries of words are, you should think of another name.

Examine carefully if it is possible to split your domain in words other than you intended. Here are a few examples, some of them are real domain names. See how inadvertently some people got into trouble or embarrassment with their domain names.